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Explore With Confidence

Accurate, Fast.

Industry Leading Software.


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How It Works

The Marine rLocalizer application helps you track and follow moving ships all around the world. You can also use our advanced features to view any boat or ship out at sea using the camera on your mobile phone.

Marine rLocalizer has been leading the industry since 2017 and uses algorithms based on AIS to locate and find thousands and thousands of boats.

This wonderful application and its powerful performance means that you can see all the ships at once with no hassle.

Just use the app to find a ship, then tap on a vessel to see the information associated with it. Colour coded icons make for easy identification as well.

A premium version of this application is available as well on Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The Premium version of Marine rLocalize includes a wide gamut of excellent features that include: photos, route history, search, filters, bookmarks, favorites and a whole bunch more!

Marine rLocalizer works by picking up ship feeds used by all passenger vessels, vessels over 300 tons and now, more and more via smaller pleasure craft and yachts. This technology is much faster than old-school radar tech and is used by ships for safely navigating the open seas.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a GPS and Marine rLocalizer should not be used for navigating.


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Find any ship all over the world! With Marine rLocalizer, you can track your ship's movement on the map in realtime!

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