Mariner Localize Beta

Getting Started

Welcome to the getting started tutorial for Mariner Localize.


From the main page, click the Register Now button.

Fill out the fields requested and click Submit Registration.


Click the Login button

Enter your username and password, then click "Login"

The Dashboard

The available projects appear on the left and projects you are working on appear on the right. Each project lists the name, version, language, platform, and percent complete.

Click on a project from the left. (The projects are sorted by language)


At the top is the project name, version, platform and target language.

A status area displays the number of translated items out of the total number of items. The percentage of completion is displayed

The top of every page has a page navigation area

Important Note: Clicking on a page number loads that page and does NOT save your work on the current page

The translation page has 3 columns. Status, Source Language, and Target Language

Untranslated items appear with a dot in the status column.

Translated items appear with a checkmark in the status column

To translate a string click in the text box in the target language column and type.

Enter as many translations as you can for the current page

When you wish to continue, click the Save and Continue button

Your translations are saves and the next page loads for you to resume the process

Saved translations appear like this:

You can enter a new translation if needed. The last translation made shows in the yellow highlight box however all previous translations are saved.